The company provides wooden overloading drum (the same as the newest one in Italy/Spain), wooden normal drum, PPH drum, automatic temperature-controlled wooden drum, Y shape stainless steel automatic drum , wooden paddle, cement paddle, iron drum, full-automatic stainless steel octagonal / round milling drum, wooden milling drum, stainless steel test drum and tannery beam house automatic conveyor system.

PPH Drum

  • Polypropylene Drum (PPH Drum)

    Polypropylene Drum (PPH Drum)

    PPH is an improved high-performance polypropylene material. It is a homogenous polypropylene with high molecular weight and low melt flow rate. It has a fine crystal structure, excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and good creep resistance. Denaturation, but also has excellent impact resistance at low temperature, widely used in the chemical industry.